Aaron’s Latest Chiptune Disk, Winter Covers

Aaron’s Latest Chiptune Disk, Winter Covers


Ladies and Gentleman I am going to guess that if you are reading this then you know what this will be about. Yes after a break, our favourite Chiptune artist, Aaron White is back with a cracker of a new disk for us to listen too.

And what a disk to make a return with. Named Winter Covers, it is packed with 10 quality tracks that covers everyone’s taste in music. You got tracks like Spandau Ballets True, Taylor Dane’s Tell It To My Heart and Spice Girls 2 Become 1.

As usual with Aaron’s chiptune disk the quality is amazing and always great to listen to when you are chilling with a drink after a long day. It is great to see you back and producing awesome disks for us to enjoy listening too. To listen to it fire up your A1200 or favorite emulator and download it from here.

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