The Heroes will soon be Bound by Flames

The Heroes will soon be Bound by Flames


Your choices will determine your destiny… and your appearance!

Bound by Flame, the new RPG developed by Spiders studios, is set for release on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC on May 9. New screenshots have been released in which the hero is taking centre stage. Players will be able to create and play as the hero on a quest, in which your actions will influence your adventure and the hero appearance.

You play as a mercenary of the Freeborn Blades, who is possessed by a flame demon at the start of the adventure. You will have full customisation of you character before you begin your quest, so you can make him look as tough as you want. Throughout the game you will be able to upgrade the weapons and armour so that you become stronger in battles.

May 9 will be the release, but until that day comes below there are new stunning screenshots of the game, and in particular, the hero. Enjoy.

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