Aaron’s New Chiptune Disk D-MOB’s We Called It Acieed

September has been a good month for us Chiptune fans. The man himself Aaron White has already released 2 chiptune disk, including one compilation. And now he is back with his version of the 1988 club hit We Called It Acieed by D-MOB.

As usual with Aaron the track is of very high quality. The little 880k 3.5″ disk is virtually full with the MOD of all the samples. It is amazing how he manages to squeeze so much quality into them is still a great mystery. It is a song that I haven’t listened to since my teenage years, so I fired it up and I really enjoyed it. Aaron got the track perfect as it sounds really amazing.

If you like club hits or just Chiptunes then you need to download this now. You can get the disk for the A1200 or WinUAE emulator from here.

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