Worms W.M.D Gets New Multiplayer Trailer And Infographic

If you were lucky enough to have been around in the gaming scene in the 16-bit era then you would have heard of Team 17. They are a veteran games developer that brought us the Worms games. There most recent title in the franchise was Worms Battlegrounds released in 2014 on PS4 and Xbox One. Now they are back with a new game in the series called Worms W.M.D to celebrate the series 21st Anniversary. Below are a few facts about the little guys.


A new multiplayer trailer is released today showing classic gameplay with a few twists. For the first time ever players will be able to use exciting new vehicles, such as tanks and helicopters, and even enter buildings! There will be single player modes as well as the multiplayer with modes supporting up to 6 players with up to 8 worms each. Check out the screenshots below.

The game does look good and be sure to check back often for news on the Worms. Worms W.M.D is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

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