DJ Yoda – Latest Chiptune Disk From Aaron White

DJ Yoda – Latest Chiptune Disk From Aaron White


Ladies and Gentleman. Obviously if you have visited this post then you have come here for one thing only. Our favorite Chiptune creator, Aaron White, is back with his latest disk cleverly called DJ Yoda. While there might only be seven tracks on this release, because they are high quality and those little 3.5″ floppy’s can only hold 880k of Aaron’s awesomeness. How ever this is one of times where quality is better than quantity.

The seven tracks are of popular songs and included is Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and Aqua’s Barbie girl as well as the others you can see in the image at the top of this page. The samples all sound amazing and they definitely live up to the usual high quality of Aaron’s work. While I really enjoyed all the tracks on the disk, I will be honest my favorite was Perfect. Probably because I have been listening to this track a lot lately. And my 2nd would have to be Barbie Girl.

As always Aaron has hit this out of the park. Great disk and I can’t wait to hear what he has planned for this next disk that he plans to release. If you got a real A1200 or use an Emulator like WinUAE then you can then you can download the disk image from here.

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