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Taito are a developer that are well known in the gaming world. They have released some iconic games over the decades and back in 2022 they released a collection of 10 classic games called Taito Milestones. The collection was good, but some of the titles weren’t their most iconic games. So now we have volume 2 of this and this time it is another 10 games from the arcades put together in one collection. So let us take a look below to see if this hits the mark as far as retro collections go.

Publisher: ININ Games
Developer: Taito
Release Date: 31 August 2023

Thanks to PR Hound for the review code.

Shumps Are Fun

First up I am going to take a look at the three games from a genre that are always fun, Shoot’em Ups. The most recognisable of the three is Darius II which has been released on a compilation before but that was the original 2-screen version. On the Taito collection we have the version that has 3-screens, so fans can now play a version they may not be familiar with. The soundtrack made the Darius and now with the modern visuals this offers a great Shump experience.

Our next Shoot’em Up is similar to the scrolling shooter 1941 and the rest in the series. Gun Frontier is a fun, but difficult Shump which is your standard affair of pickup power ups to get better weapons and also has a bomb system to help complete the stages. And finally, we have Metal Black, which to be honest I had never heard off until this compilation. You level up your firepower and then you have the choice to keep what you have or to trade them for a special attack, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Everybody Loves a Cute Platformer

No arcade classics would be complete without platformers thrown in for fun. The first up in well known and a game I loved as a kid called The NewZealand Story. It was released on many home computers and it features a cute little Kiwi whose name was Tiki, who must save his girlfriend and several other of his friends. Such fun and easily worth the price alone. Next up is a game that has a Bubble Bobble feel to it called Liquid Kids, where you throw water balloons at enemies and spin the wheels. Side scrolling fun, which sadly I had heard of until this Milestones collection.

And last but not least is Kiki Kailaki also known as Pocky and Rocky. Popular in the arcades you play as a maiden who uses cards as throwing stars and a wand to vanquish the evil. This is a multi-directional shooter that has levels you can progress through and offers plenty of playtime.

Plenty of Action

Also included in the set is a few 2D action games which feels like they were just thrown in to make up the set. Ben Bero Beh is a game full of comedy which sees you control a firefighter hero who is trying to save a girl at the bottom level so he can get some love. The gameplay is not smooth and hard to enjoy, but the comedic value and silliness makes it a game to play for just fun. Then we have a NES classic called The Legend of Kage, where you play as a ninja jumping about the levels and taking on other ninjas looking to stop you. It fun, but simple to pick and play to kill some time.

It’s Fight Time

Here is the part of the compilation that sadly lets it down. There are two fighting games included, but they are just not very good. Up first is Solitary Fighter, which is a very limiting experience which has the elements of a beat’em up but plays like a 1-on-1 fighting game. The gameplay is difficult so you find yourself dying very often. Then we have Dino Rex, which is just as bad and the visual is unusual as it is stop-motion dinosaurs who fight. The controls are horrible though the backgrounds are funny with movement of people running around.

Final Thoughts

Taito Milestones 2 is a fun collection of 10 arcade games which features a lot of good games. Sadly the collection that lets it down are the 2 fighting games, which have been the worse I have ever played. That being said, it is still a great buy for The NewZealand Story alone.

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