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I am sure if you are a fan of the iconic 70’s and 80’s horror movies you will have no doubt of heard of a film called Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Recently a lot of the classics from that era have been appearing in games in the form of DLC as in Dead by Daylight. Also there have been titles like Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and Evil Dead as the Asymmetric style id now very popular, even though some titles don’t end up that great. So let us take a look below to see if it can deliver and so some promise of a great game.

Publisher Sumo Digital
Developer: Gun Media.
Release Date:  18 August 2023

CPU: Intel Core i5 / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 / AMD Equivalent
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 15 GB

Review code was provided for coverage.

The game is set within the universe of the movie of the same name and it sees you begin by choosing which type of game you want to play. You can either choose to be on a team of four victims being hunted by the violent family, trying to survive or you can be part of the family and track down and kill the victims. Your goal as a family member is to bring back blood for Granddad who will gain strength when feed him blood and give you the ability to see the outline of your victims around the area.

The game mechanics are very difficult to pick up at first and in order to learn about the game you are expected to watch a load of videos. It would probably be easier to find a tutorial to play this asymmetrical shooter and while it seems daunting at first it does make sense as you play it and after watching the videos. I found that starting off playing as the family is going to be the easiest way to start playing and see what the game is about.

Once you have chosen your character you enter the map, and this is where you begin the quest to feed Granddad. You will find that the levels are massive and while chasing teens and killing them sounds easy, it is tricky due to the way the maps are massive and the house is laid out. And you also have the different characters who can navigate in a different way to the others, so this will need to be thought out as to who is best to choose.

The worse character in the game is the most famous and that is Leatherface. Due to his build he always appears to be too cumbersome and slow to catch anyone and his only ability is his chainsaw. So probably better off picking someone else to begin with to get a feel for the game depending on your tactics. Playing as the victims brings a new challenge to the table as you must think about so much, like locking and unlocking doors as well as hiding where the family can’t get you.

The objectives of the victims are to escape the house. This is made extra tricky due to the size of the maps as I mentioned before. It is very easy to get lost when you are trying to escape and making a simple mistake is very easy when starting out. As soon as you have a couple of playthroughs under your belt it does become slightly easier. This is because you can level up with use of skill points which allow the unlocking new abilities to help make escape easier.

The skill points and skill trees have not been implicated very well. The reason I say this is cause the amount it takes to level if you play as the victims. Also, unlike games like Borderlands the skill points are tied to your account and not the individual characters. One thing I did notice was due to this and the family getting better skills, a lot of the players in lobbies left the game, which might be in the spirit of gaming but it is easy to understand the frustration.

The graphics are nice and the detail is pretty good, with the gameplay and style being a lot like Left 4 Dead. The audio brings a lot of atmospheres to the game and adds the right amount of suspense to give you a feel of being in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre universe.

Final Thoughts

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a game that dispute its obvious issues has a lot of potential to be something great. The game is frustrating but there are a lot of moments where you feel successful. Give this game some playtime and you will find it offer a great asymmetric survival horror game and worthy of a purchase.

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