Darks Souls II Hits The Consoles This Friday

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Friday 14th sees the console release of the next part in the classic Dark Souls series. Dark Souls II will feature a new hero, new storyline, and a new world which will be unfamiliar to gamers to make surviving fun. There will be epic battles and blood-thirsty bosses to fight. Also there is a new multiplayer mode which will put a twist on the concept of playing with others.

Olivier Comte, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Distribution at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe said: “There are few games that are as rewarding for players as the Dark Souls series, and Dark Souls II will give every player that steps up to take the challenge a feeling of empowerment that they will never forget. The game doesn’t accept compromise, and neither do the brilliant people at FromSoftware who will test their own tenacity as well as that of gamers in delivering us another gaming landmark.”

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases this Friday, while the PC version gets a 25th April launch. This does look like a great sequel to a great game.

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