Final Fantasy X/X-2 Gets HD Makeover

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Final Fantasy X was the tenth title in the Final Fantasy Series published by Square (before they became Square Enix) in 2001 on the PS2. Two years after this, they released Final Fantasy X-2, the direct sequel in 2003. Now the games are getting an HD makeover on PS3 and PS Vita, with new features added which are shown in the above video.

Enhanced visuals, re-arranged background music, trophies added, to new but a few. Also as the game is being release on the Vita as well as PS3, there is going to be cross-save compatibility. The original PS2 games well excellent, so to see them re-mastered in HD is going to be a dream come true. If only they re-did Final Fantasy VII in HD. March 21st it is released here in the UK.

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