The Walking Dead Season 2 – A House Divided Short Review

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A House Divided is the next episode in Telltale Games The Walking Dead Season 2. There was a big gap between this and the previous episode in the season, which added to the anticipation and built up a lot of expectation, which was not necessarily a bad thing. The wait for this latest chapter was definitely worth it as if you thought the first part was good, then you are in for a real treat here.

Picking up the story where the previous episode left off we see Clementine coming to terms what she has been through. This time though she is not alone as she found a new group, each of which have their own issues to deal with. This part moves along at a steadier pace with less action than the last, but this by no means a bad thing. This one is all about the character development and the relationship that Clem forms with the group as a whole and with individual members. This lays down good foundations for the remaining episodes in the season.

Rather than focusing on action the player must make some decisions which going to make you think, and probably regret later. It these choices that she is faced with that shows Clem’s development since the first season which gets her treated like an adult and not a kid. The chapter builds to an awesome climax, which is enhanced by the fact that you pretty much make the ending your own based on your responses. This is by far the best episode of the series which is going to leave you wondering how long before Episode 3 is out?

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