808 Dance Remix of UB40’s One In Ten by Aaron White

Aaron 808 One in ten UB40 Remix

Dance remixes of popular tracks are usually pretty great. There has been a few done over the years and back in 1992, English electronic group 808 remixed the 1981 UB40 song One in Ten. Fast forward to 2016 and we have our favourite Chiptune creator Aaron White doing his own remix and re-sample of the great track.

As usual, the quality of the track is very high and because the samples are of high quality, the humble 880k disk of the Amiga could barely contain all the awesomeness. In order to preserve the great quality, Aaron had to reduce the quality of the title screen in order to fit it all on the disk. Well once again he does not disappoint. I really enjoyed listening to the track and I encourage you all do the same by downloading it below. Well done Aaron, yet another masterpiece.

If you got a real Amiga 1200 or use WinUAE you can download the disk from here and check it out for yourself.

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