Gameplay From Early Release Version of Worms W.M.D

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Back in May there was news about the upcoming new Worms game from veteran developers Team 17. Worms W.M.D is the latest in the franchise and also the little guys are celebrating their 21st Anniversary since the release on the 16-bit machines. Back about 10 days ago the preview version was made available so being a massive fan of the little guys, I just couldn’t resist the chance to give it some playtime.

Seeing as this is only a review version, I will not be doing my usual review as this would not be a true reflection of the final game as being only a partial code, there are a few minor bugs which will be fixed when the full game is released. Instead I recorded some gameplay footage so that you can see how the game plays which is much better than me trying to fully explain it in a article. The game has a strong feel of the old 16-bit versions.

As can be seen in the above video, the idea of the game is to take out the enemy Worms before they kill all of yours little guys. This preview version had some tutorials and also a small selection of campaigns available, so there was a great opportunity to try the game out. I liked the game very much and personally I can’t wait for the final version. With the new multiplayer mode and also various new weapons there are plenty to keep you playing for a while, as all the previous Worms games have done.

Don’t take my word for it, check out some gameplay footage above and check back often for updates on this great game.

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