Pac-Man Dance Remix Chiptune Sampled by Aaron White

by collect1
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It has been a long time since I have put this type of news post up…but ladies and gentlemen he is back! Our favourite and talented Chiptune creator, Aaron White, has a new disk to share with us. This time the track that has the humble 880k Amiga floppy disk jam packed is the 1992 Pac-Man dance remix by Power Pill. I liked the original back then, so to fire up the disk and listening to Aaron’s chiptune brought back many memories of that year.

As usual the quality of the samples is top notch and sound excellent as is usual with Aaron’s releases. If you liked the hit and want to relive some classic memories, then you need to check this disk out. You can download it from this link so that you can enjoy. Such a good disk and look forward to more from you.

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