Tex Murphy Delayed and We Meet The Characters

Here’s some characters you’ll encounter in the Tesla Effect — from the tormented scientist to the escort who knows more secrets than a church confessional. But with such a big cast of characters, squeezing them all into The Tesla Effect required some extra time. The release of the game is delayed until May 7, but that means there’s two more weeks to get the pre-order bonuses! Below is the zany cast for us to meet.



He is Tex’s Number one fan; well that is what he claims anyway. As soon as he gets on a case, we see a different side to him. Often Mojo is in it either for himself or the freebies.

Dr. Donahue


She appears to be a doctor that doesn’t fully follow the Hippocratic Oath. Her bedside manner is questionable and she doesn’t seem to be too concerned with Tex wellbeing.

LT. Danwicz


New San Francisco Police Department has gotten them a new Lieutenant. This guy has had his eye on Tex for a long time waiting for him slip up. Will he finally have his chance to arrest the gumshoe?

Rook Garner


This man owns the local pawn shop, so is probably shady. He appears to have a mean streak in him, but under the hard shell does their beat a heart of gold? Let us hope not as he would probably remove it and sell it for a quick buck.



He owns the Restaurant Brew of Stew. He has a big heart and is very helpful.

Mason Bauers


A scientist who is brilliant, but he made the mistake of selling his soul to the devil. And from the looks of things he was shorted changed on this transaction. Now he is looking for redemption.



Runs a money-laundering business for the mob. But due to his creative accounting, he has been skimming of the top and now fears his time is running out.



This escort appears to know all the secrets of the city. And if you are willing to pay, then she might just share them with you.

Also attached is a video showing the developers hard at work and also a message from Tex himself. I personally can’t wait till May 7 for this FMV game.

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