Latest Chiptune Sample By Aaron White of Jamiroquai Latest Track Superfresh

My friends…it is that time again that where we get a treat. Our favourite Chiptune artist, Aaron White has released a new sampled track. This time he has chosen a song by Jamiroquai called Superfresh. I have always liked his music, but with a few things going on I will admit I didn’t know he released this till Aaron sent me his disk.

So I had to just fire up WinUAE on my laptop and take a listen. As always with Aaron the quality of the sample is very high and always a pleasure to listen too. This was the first time that I had actually heard this track from Jamiroquai and I was impressed, not only with the song but with how Aaron managed to do such  high quality sample into such a small capacity disk. The man must be a wizard or something, good work my friend.

You can download the disk from here. If you got a real A1200 or use an emulator, download this disk you won’t be disappointed.

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