E3 Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots

Star Wars this E3 has a great treat for you. As you all know EA is releasing Star Wars: Battlefront this November and the above trailer shows us some awesome AT-AT action. The Walker Assault mode is based on the battle on the planet Hoth that was seen in The Empire Strikes Back and you get to experience the action from both sides. This mode will allow for up to 40 players on one map (20 Versus 20) which is quite huge.

Playing as a Rebel? you can call on Y-Wings to help bring down the massive AT-AT walkers. If you play on the side of the Empire then you must make sure that the walkers make their way to the Rebel base safely. You can play this mode on various planets, which should make it extra fun. Anyway if you want to find out more about Walker Assault or any other information on Star Wars: Battlefront, then visit the following page.

Star Wars: Battlefront is released November 19th on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin.

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