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Aaron C64 conversions

The last ten days we have been spoilt by the talented Aaron White with his awesome Chiptunes. First we were treated to a disk of covers and tributes, which as usually sounded great and now we have his latest release to listen to. This time we get a disk full of awesome Commodore 64 theme music.

Aaron has picked some pretty great games which had excellent music. As fans will know the C64 used the SID Chip which was responsible for some amazing themes in games back in the day. So to recreated these authentically using a A1200 and ProTracker took some skills, which Aaron has in spades.

As can be seen from the image above Aaron has picked some great themes from some excellent games. They all sound great and when you listen to them the memories will come flooding back of those days that we played back in our youth. My personal favourites which were games I loved as a kid are Last Ninja, Ghost and Goblins and Roland’s Rat Race. I will admit I forgot the music in Rat Race until I listened to the disk.

Fans of chiptunes and Aaron work will not be disappointed with his latest offering and I can’t wait for the next disk to be released in the near future. Download the awesome disk from here.

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