Aaron’s New Chiptune Disk Now That’s What I Call 90’s Club

Chiptune fans I have a post here that will make you happy. If you are from the UK, then you will know that it is the Bank Holiday weekend so hopefully you will be off work and enjoying the break. So why not fire up your A1200 or WinUAE emulator, have a cold drink and take a listen to Aaron White’s latest Chiptune disk.

There are only three tracks on this disk but this one is about quality more than quantity. They are really high quality samples so this meant that the poor 880k floppy disk is bursting with the awesome chiptunes. The songs are Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap, Mr Vain from Culture Beat and Saturday Night by Whigfield.

This bank holiday if you only do one thing then listen to this disk from the maestro who is the amazing Aaron as you will really enjoy it. If you got a real A1200 or use an Emulator like WinUAE then you can then you can download the disk image from here.

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