WitchSpring3 Re: Fine Switch Review

I am a big fan of RPG’s. I like JRPG’s too and have played quite a few of them over the years. So, in my inbox was an email about a Japanese RPG which has finally arrived in the west, WitchSpring3 Re: Fine. It was originally a mobile game, but now thanks to ININ Games it is seeing a release on the Nintendo Switch in the western countries. So being a big fan of these type of games I could not wait to fire the Switch up and try it.

Developer: Kiwiwalks
Release Date: 13th August 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

When I heard that it was originally a mobile game that have been done for a console, I was sceptical. In my experience many have just been bad ports and this ruins the fun factor of the game. I was happy to see that WitchSpring3 was actually very polished and looked very good which made me happy and give me hope for the rest of the game.

The storyline follows a Marionette Witch whose name is Eirudy who lives in a magical forest called Misty Forrest. The forest is mysterious and anyone who enters it often get lost so Eirudy live a secluded life with no contact with other living souls other than her grandmother. Here life gets changed one day when she meets a young man who she saves and she gets dragged into a fun adventure and begins to experience life outside of the forest.

The story telling is a bit limited but this is basically due to the mobile origin. A fully developed JRPG on a console or PC has a detailed story, this has a more compact story so it does appear very simple. This does not effect gameplay and it is still very enjoyable. It has a feel like you are playing a Nintendo DS game, which is a good thing. The translation is a bit on the iffy side. Generally, the translation is good and easy to follow, but is parts it has been rushed and quite a few errors can be spotted, which I don’t see as a deal breaker, but to some it might be.

Rather than having a long, drawn-out journey, WitchSpring3 has a task-based quest system that sees the player exploring the game world and progressing at a nice study pace. The game has nice visuals and a great soundtrack and along side these there are plenty of side missions and collectables, so you will find plenty of reasons to go back over previous areas to complete these.

Being a witch, you must find ingredients so that you can craft witchy stuff. This is all done at the comfort of Eirudy’s home. These can be new weapons or potions for healing and the good thing is that it is hassle free and fun. Also, another fun thing is that you can use the dolls in Eirudy basement and make them into allies to take on quests with you. You can achieve this by syphoning a life force called Vitality from animals and plants.

WitchSpring3 Re:Fine uses a simple combat system. The turn-based system works very well and makes the fight fun. You can perform combo attacks, use equipped spells to defeat the foes that you encounter across the land. And also, if you need extra help then you can summon you dolls that you created to join the fight.

Final Thoughts

WitchSpring3 Re: Fine is proof that mobile games can transfer to consoles. Yes, the game is not perfect, not by a long shot, but it is one of the better conversions so if you like JRPG’s then you need to give this a go as you won’t be disappointed.

The Verdict


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