Turrican Flashback Nintendo Switch Review

A Great Release of 30 year old games that made the 90's

Recently there have been a few retro collections of classic games from an era where games we pure fun. Gameplay was more important than graphics and the arcades were still popular. Those who owned a Commodore Amiga or Commodore 64 will surely remember a run-n-gun game called Turrican. Now 30 years on ININ Games have released a compilation of the games that appeared in the series.

Developer: Factor 5
Publisher: ININ Games
Release Date: 29th January 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

This four-game set has been released on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 and features the original Amiga version from 1991, the sequel Turrican II: The Final Fight, Mega Drive/Genesis version Mega Turrican and SNES’s Super Turrican. Being a big retro gamer firing up this give me excitement as I have fond memories of these games, and I am incredibly happy to say that all the games play just how I remember them, very well, but extremely hard and frustrating.

There is a welcomed addition to the re-release of these games, a rewind feature. This make dying in the levels not so bad as just as used in racing games, you can go back a few seconds and try again to save wasted lives. I could have done with this back in the 90’s. Also, there is a very handy option of altering the buttons, so this now means that you can have jump on a button instead of having to push up on the controller.

To preserve the authenticity of the games they have kept the original 4:3 format, so the left and right is filled with a wallpaper of your choice to save looking at black borders. And to add a more retro feel, there is an option to apply a CRT scan lines to the games, which I thought was cool and brought back memories to the golden age of gaming. The menus are so easy and smooth that selecting the options is a breeze.

You can even add cheat codes to help give you an added advantage in the game. And keeping with the retro feel rather than just tick a box to select a code you get to enter a certain name on the high score screen to get 99 lives and other cool stuff. You will have fun finding what each code does. The soundtrack is also popping as the original music by Chris Huselbeck’s Immortal is present and replicated perfectly. There is nothing really bad to say about this collection.

Final Thoughts

The Turrican games have survived the test of time. Even in today gaming market, this collection still looks and plays great. Probably newcomers will find the games difficult, especially the first few times (hell even I found it harder than I remember) but with the rewind feature the games were easy to complete the levels. The only disappointment is that the 8-bit games are not included, but still a collection worth buying to play and enjoy newbies and seasoned gamers alike.

The Verdict


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