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Visual novels video games are somewhat popular. More so in the Eastern market, but a few have made it over to our western lands and have been very enjoyable. Developer Regista and Publisher Sekai Games have released Root Double – Before Crime * After Days Xtend Edition. So let us find out below if this is any good and if this is a title to play or give a miss during this pandemic.

Developer: Regista
Publisher: Sekai Games
Release Date: 26 November 2020

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Set in the year 2030 in a fictional Japanese city the population have gained special psychic powers. As with most Visual Novel games there are more than one character and also they usually have a great personality and storyline, which helps to draw the players in and help you to feel for them and what they are going through. In Root Double we see there are nine characters and you find they interact over four roots. Each of these roots is centred around an explosion at the 6th Laboratory of Atomic and Biological Operations.

The game starts with two of these roots unlocked and the first root focuses on the older characters in the story which include survivors from an Emergency Response Team, a lab tech, teacher, and survivor. Then you also got the second which is the high school students. Once you have managed to finish these you get to unlock the third and fourth root. The fourth being quite intense as it is leading up to the conclusion of the novel.

The game uses a Senses Sympathy System to allow interaction, which basically means that your responses will guide the characters and allow the story to unfold based on your choices. How this works in that you have a bar for each of the characters and depending on your responses and stuff, this fills the bar up and where it is positioned then that determines how good or bad the ending will be. This does take a little bit of getting used to and probably you will find, like myself that forgetting to do this will give you the bad endings.

To track your progress the game auto saves after every scene, so you can guarantee that you will never need to go to far back in the game when something goes wrongs and you want to try and change that outcome. With the game being released in the east, the localised version was funded on a Kickstart. The conversion was done great and I did not notice one mistake in the text, so whoever the guy that edited this game did an amazing job with it.

I never like to go into too much detail with games like this as otherwise I could easily spoil the ending and the story of the game. The final root did seem to be as long as the first 3 roots combined, and at times trying to balance the bars did not seem to do too much to the game effect. For a visual novel game this is interesting and got enough content to keep you grabbed and allows for you perfectionists to get the golden ending so offering you replayability.

The Verdict


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