Quinterra Steam Early Access Review

Usually I am not a fan of Roguelite games. I have tried a few previously and my experience has been very mixed. But I thought I would give Quinterra a play and see what it is about. Being a turn-based strategy game, I thought that might make it a bit more fun to pick up and play. Also the game is in Early Access on Steam so my review is based on a work in progress title. So let us take a look below to see how it plays.

Developer: Sidreal Studio
Publisher: Sidreal Studio
Release Date: 7th April 2021

CPU: Intel Core 15-7300U 3.5 Ghz / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD7870

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Over the years gaming I have loved strategy games. I would always play them for hours and got very engrossed. I also dabbled in Magic: The Gathering, so hearing there was some elements of this in Quinterra made me slightly excited to play this new title. The elements from Magic: The Gathering, combined with strategy is great but the element that lets it down is the roguelite.

When you start a expedition you are at the hands of a generated world. While the gameplay is great, the lack of structure due to the random world makes the game seem like it has no real direction. You progress through many areas before you meet a boss to fight, and the areas are made up of encounters of combat, a store and unlockable spoils.

While the combat is good, the biggest let down is that there is not much variation. Most of the combat is the same all throughout which gets boring after a while. To complete some missions, it was required to have certain number of points so that you could complete turns, basically like a turn-based RPG.

After playing for a while the game becomes a bit stale. Everything seems to be familiar and nothing new to make you want to play it for any longer. Unlike traditional roguelike games here when you get killed, you would carry over your accumulated items. Here you start a new expedition, and you start over from the beginning with nothing, which sucks a little.

Quinterra is still in Steam Early Access so this must be considered as the game is still very much incomplete. Hopefully as time goes there will be new content and the bugs will be ironed out. Now there is not enough to keep a gamer interested long enough to replay. You will find that sometimes placing units on the map a bit of a challenge. Which will get frustrating and also, I had issues with missions not being able to complete which spoils the flow.

Final Thoughts

Quinterra has the potential to be a good game. It gameplay base is fun, but the lack of variations and trying to have too many elements makes it very unfocused and bit of a mess. If they came out with better mission layouts and bring in more variety then this would be a game to be a big hit with gamers, but at the moment it feels more like a beta release.

The Verdict


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