Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition PS4 Review

2021 have seen some great games! Some have been original; some have been remakes but still 2021 has be fun for gamers. So now we have a game that was a PC game which has been brought over to the consoles with added features and tweaks. If you were a gamer in the 90’sand a fan of turn-based strategy games, then no doubt you remember the XCOM franchise. UFO: Enemy Unknown was the first and various titles followed. Now we have Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition, which is turn-based strategy game similar to the XCOM series. So let us take a look below to see if it is out of this world or it will crash and burn.

Developer: Snapshot Games
Publisher: Prime Matter
Release Date: 1st October 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Being a fan of the XCOM series I was very excited about this title. This edition includes four additional DLC content as well as the base game. The story is that there is a mutating virus called the Pandoravirus that is taking out humanity. The Phoenix Project is there to defend the last strongholds and save humanity. You form factions and complete research you get new avenues to help eradicate this killer virus.

The game uses turn-based combat so when a fight happens, you make your choices and use tactics to take out the enemy before they get you. This gives a fun and experience with the added benefit of a free-aim system. This allows you to selectively choose weak points on a structure or enemy to help aid you during combat. Missions are also varied with you either defending somewhere or even doing supplies runs and getting spare parts.

Like in XCOM games you have a Geoscape to help you navigate. As well as showing havens and missions available it also shows the Black Mist which is spreading and used by the enemies to hide their bases. You also must manage the in-game time wisely. In order to explore or fly will require time to pass so management of this is crucial. Research is the most important part of the game and probably one that will require your most attention like in UFO:Enemy Unknown.

While is game is fun and offer plenty of challenges and replayability there are a few issues which plague it. The biggest one is the loading times. The game can take 2 mins or more to load, which can be annoying as if you just wanted to have an hour or so in the evening after a long day, the loading times can add up to reduce play time. It is not a major issue but can be annoying. There are also glitches in the game where characters freeze or glitch while shooting. Again, not a make or break, but is annoying.

Final Thoughts

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition is a fun game. If you loved the XCOM games, then you will love this as it is by the original creator of the series. Yes, there are a few issues which might be annoying, but hopefully as the game get updates these will be fixed, plus you got the update to the next-gen versions along with the four DLC makes this a must play title.

The Verdict


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