Let’s Sing 2022 PS5 Review

The holiday party season is upon us where families and friends get together to drink and be merry. And you know when the holidays are here when you start to see the latest Let’s Sing title is available in stores. Let’s Sing series has been very popular as Ravenscourt has released various versions over the years and each one as fun as the previous one. This year is the 2022 version and we have new songs available to sing while being merry with loved ones. Let us take a look below at this years incarnation.

Developer: Voxler
Publisher: Ravenscourt
Release Date: 23 November 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

I remember when the Singstar series started releasing on PS2 and comparing it to the Let’s Sing franchise we can that the genre has grown and got much better. As usual you get various game modes so there is plenty of options whether you want to sing solo or do duets or even take on people around the globe. Many of the fun modes from the 2021 version will be making a welcomed return this year.

For the solo singers out there, we have the legend mode is a cool twist on the career mode by earning stars. Fancy going international? Then go and checkout the world content and online leaderboards. This is fun and you can compete against other wannabe singers and compare how good (or bad in my case) against other humans. Throwing a party, then get your guests involved by selecting the Let’s Party mode.

Think you have mastered the songs, then give the mixtape mode a whirl. These are generated randomly so you never know which songs to expect and can give a challenge when switching songs, which is fun. There is a jukebox option and playlist creator, which are not really game modes but rather feel like features. The playlist has seen a slight tweak to be used with “feat”, which allows you to try and harmonise with others which might not be the best idea, but certainly is fun.

This year the game has been released to play on PS5, as well as PS4. Next-gen version no longer work with the old Singstar mics, so the need to use your smartphone with the app or even generic USB microphones or headsets will work as well. The PS4 version is also included so can easily switch back to the previous gen. The ability to import previous bought song packs from the early versions is good so that you don’t have to keep an older game just to sing your favourite songs.

The tracklist is what interests the players and the selection is always a mixture of well known songs and the less favourite. You some new stuff like Ariana Grande’s “Positions” and Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Want”. You can go back to the classics such as The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” and Pink’s “What About Us”. You then got the party classics like Backstreet Boy’s “Everybody” and Wham’s “Last Christmas”.

Final Thoughts

Let’s Sing 2022 is a fun party game for the holiday season. Each year each version has a few tweaks and also new songs that make either make or break the sales. The next gen versions are a welcome addition so that no one is left behind this Christmas. Buy this as you will guarantee to make you the popular party host of 2021.

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