Gynoug Nintendo Switch Review

Shoot’em ups have seem to have made a re-emergence in 2021. Ratalaika Games last release was the 90’s Sega Mega title called Gleyancer. This was a fun remake and it was good to get the chance to play this great game which I missed out on the first time around. Now the same developers have released another 90’s Mega Drive title that was not easily available back in the day. Gynough is a Shoot’em Up that has been ported to modern consoles, so let us take a look at if this is as good as Gleyancer.

Developer: Ratalaika Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release Date: 12th November 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Gynoug follows the same great formula as Gleyancer. Ratalaika Games provide the high-quality CRT shaders that is sadly missing in the majority of retro remakes. Upon firing up the game you have the option of playing the original, untouched ROM just like back in the 90’s or add the CRT overlays and give yourself a great experience with the cool customisations. There is no 2021 remade version with modern tweaks included this time, which is a good thing as not every game needs to be recreated just for the sake of it.

It is your typical side-scrolling shump from the 90’s. The gameplay is hard as many of the great shooters were of the era. The levels are visually nice with industrial like environments and enemies are interesting looking. You will see faces on a train like body or screaming heads that attack you as you progress. Keep your eyes peeled as attacks will come from every angle possible to keep the difficulty level constant.

Gynoug is a well balanced game and it don’t make no difference if you are top or bottom of screen when you get killed. While shumps are easily picked up this one has a lack of instructions especially when it comes to what the power-ups or the two bars does. You have nine different ones and no guide on what each one does until you get them and try them out against the enemies.

Final Thoughts

Gynoug is a game from the 16-bit era and it has stood the test of time well. It hasn’t got the same glamour that Gleyancer had, but this is not a bad thing. It is a shump along the lines of the typical style and gameplay and this works. Add the CRT shaders and you have a great game. The only minor issue is the lack of instructions, but a quick Google search will solve this.

The Verdict


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