Gleylancer PS4 Review

Classic 16-Bit Era Shoot'em up Updated For the Modern Day

2021 have seen a lot of shoot’em ups released and been remakes from classic titles from the golden age of gaming. Gleylancer was a game that was originally released on the Sega Mega Drive. The 16-bit era saw some great shumps and a lot was released on Sega’s console. Gleylancer was one of these that was never released to the western world so it had to be imported and it would cost a lot back then.

Developer: Ratalaika Games
Publisher: NCS
Release Date: 15 October 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Gleylanceris set in the year 2025 and space is being chaotic. You take control of a young pilot called Lucia, a starfighter in the earth federation. Her story is that her father has been kidnapped, so she steals a ship to go looking for him. To have a story in a shoot’em up is extremely rare and this is played out in manga-style visuals which is very remnant of Phantasy Star IV.

Before you start pop into the menu and have a look at the options. You got a lot of cool choices which will give you retro feel by using different effects to give an old CRT look. You have six save slots, so you can have various play throughs and with the new modern mode with full English translation it gives a great experience. You have directional fire which is controlled with the right stick and make a mistake and you can press the rewind button to have a do over without having to go back to a previous checkpoint.

Included as an option is the cheaters mode. This is the classic cheats that was available back in that era, but now you don’t have to use the classic button combination of codes to activate them. Also included in the original Japanese version of the game so that you can see the game in all it’s 16-bit glory and without any new tweaks added.

The use of parallax scroll is great and gives a fast pace to the 11 levels of the game. There are icy levels, tight tunnels and asteroids to bring the variety. Around your ship you have floating guns that are independent of each other so you get great firepower to help you kill the enemies and bosses so that you can get a step closer to rescuing your father.

Final Thoughts

Gleylancer is a 16-bit game that has been given a modern make over to make it feel fresh. Only a few people would have this back then as it only had a release in the east. But now everyone can get access to this great shoot’em up. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

The Verdict


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