G Darius HD Switch Review

Shoot’em ups have always been a popular style of game. I have been playing shumps since the 80’s and even created a few using a construction kit that was released. Games like R-Type were popular both in the arcades and at home. Now the Switch is getting a fun shooter called G Darius HD, which was originally released back in the 90’s. I remember playing it on the Playstation 1 as a demo and was impressed, so now let us take a look at the HD version on the Nintendo Switch.

Developer: Taito
Publisher: InIn Games
Release Date: 28 September 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

G Darius HD is a 3D Shooter that keeps the 2D gameplay. Many games were like this back in the day and I played similar style games like Silpheed and R-Type Delta. If you have played any shooters then you will instantly recognise some elements here. The power ups are classic, and these allow you to level up your weapons so that you can complete the level easier with more firepower. One of the fun power ups are where you can grab an enemy and use him as your weapon.

The campaign mode keeps with the classic method of branching. This allows for taking different paths if you decide to replay it and will bring a different experience. You also get mini bosses that you fight and if you defeat, you can add their firepower to yourself and if you manage to keep hold of them, you can use it to help defeat the end of stage bosses that you encounter. And just like the classic shoot’em ups of the past, working out their weak points to beat them.

While the graphics look nice and clean compared to the original, there is not a major overall. This is good for keeping the nostalgia feel it would have been nice for some modern touches. Additional stuff added which is cool is quick save, customisable controls, and graphical settings. The soundtrack is amazing, and I wish there was some jukebox mode so that you could listen to them outside of the game. You also got online score boards, which is great to challenge yourself against gamers around the world. The biggest issue which was not fixed from the original sadly is that sometimes the shots fired at you blends in with the background, so you can’t see them coming at you.

Final Thoughts

G Darius HD is a great a fun remake of a classic. It looks good and plays well and on the switch it is fun as you can play when on the go. It didn’t change the overall feel of a classic title and subtly added to it. Shoot’em up fans should give this a try, you will not be disappointed.

The Verdict


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