Farming Simulator 17 Nintendo Switch Version

Farming Simulator 17 a great way to drive a tractor

I will be honest I do like simulation games. There are a few out that are good fun like Goat Simulator and Car Mechanic Simulator to name just two. So it is no surprise that there was a farming simulator out to buy. While many of you will no doubt have already heard of Farming Simulator 17, this is a review of the Nintendo Switch version, which is due out this November. So let us fire up our tractors and take a look at what Switch owners can expect.

Developer: GIANTS Software
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Simulation
Release Date: 7 November 2017

Thanks to the publishers for the review code.

As the name suggests you get to run your own farm and you get the chance to choose your country from either the United States or Europe. You get to manage quite a few aspects of running a farm to control, which include the animals and the crops you grow. Even though you are running a farm, most of the game is mission based. You often find yourself helping out on the local’s farm in order to generate an income.

The game is not difficult to pick up and learn to play as there is no real goal of the game. The good thing about helping the other farmers is that you get the chance to try out high end equipment before you got to drop any serious money to buy it, which is pretty good. They give you great tutorials that you can view so you can learn easily, and the missions you select gives you what you need to know to complete them and the skills then to run your own farm.

What make Farming Simulator 2017 stand out are the agricultural vehicles. They look great and the attention to detail is quite amazing. You get to see the mud actually in the tread of the tyres and also the teeth of the combined harvester is in great detail. The actual management side of the farm is also pretty detailed. You must employ workers; buy equipment, track prices for buying and selling, which has to be balanced along with the cutting down trees and ploughing fields.

The Nintendo Switch version brings the advantage of taking your farm with you wherever you go. So if you are on a bus or train, then kill the time with some farming. The visuals are amazing and the environments are detailed like the vehicles. It looks great whether you are playing it on a TV screen or in handheld mode. There are a few minor issues, but this mostly down to dodgy physics, like being unable to clip signs or when you hit traffic and you just stop and the other vehicle don’t move. But it is not a game breaking issue.

Final Thoughts

Farming Simulator 17 is a great sim game. I did have my doubts about playing something mundane like running your own farm, but once I got into it then I did find it a lot of fun and something that is great for when you got a spare 15 minutes here, 40 minutes there. Buy this and you will not be disappointed.

The Verdict


The Good: Great Fun | Amazing details | Plenty of tasks to do

The Bad: Physics could be better | During downtime it does get boring

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