Dirt 5 Review PC Version

Thanks for the developer for the review code.

Codemasters have always been good at the producing an arcade-feel racing game. Most people will probably think of the Dirt series of games. This year they have released the latest title Dirt 5 this year. Also, this will be the series first outing on the newly released Next Gen consoles. Let us look at the PC Steam version below to see if it lives up to the hype.

Before I carry on I must stress that this is not a simulation. f you are looking for that then this game is not for you. However, if you are looking for a fun arcade racer, then read on. The game has been created for everyone to be able to pick up and play without needing to understand the real-world handling. The game features many cars and classes, well to be precise 60 plus cars and 13 different classes.

You have a few modes to chose to play but the one you will be mostly be playing is the career mode. You start off with the first event and then as you progress each one branches off to open another event and so on. And if there is a certain discipline that you don’t like you get the chance to bypass that one so you can still enjoy the game without worrying too much about completing it just to progress.

Another interesting part of the career mode is the way you must build up your reputation in the game. With sponsorships you must keep up a certain level and hit targets in order to keep it. Also you will get challenges from other in-game characters so this will effect your rep through the career mode. These are good if you want to take a break from racing.

There are other modes which offer fun. You got online multiplayer, which allows you to take on other gamers from around the globe. I did have issues with server problems, but to be expected before the release date so most likely these will be fixed at launch. The mode which provide the most replay value is the new playground mode.

I got a chance to play this in the form of a preview build. You get the chance to build your own mini courses which you can create as challenging as you want and then you got the option to publish to challenge other gamers to see if their skills are up to the task. There are 3 modes:

Gymkhana – where the target is to achieve as many tricks and combos that you can during an set time limit.
Smash Attack – Race against the clock to smash into as many inflatable objects as you can to earn points.
Gate Crasher> – Complete all the checkpoints before smashing through the finish line.

The cars can be customised with different artwork and this could be much fun if tinkering this way is your thing. Sadly re-playability is not that great in career mode. If you want fun after the only way to extend this is to use the playgrounds mode. The graphics are beautiful and the handling is good for an arcade racer and proves much fun throwing the car around the track. If you love off road racing games then buy Dirt 5, you will not be disappointed.

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