Cotton 100% Nintendo Switch Review

There are many great games that get released in the east that don’t get to see daylight in the west. One franchise that was successful in the east was the cotton series of games. Now in 2021 we are seeing remakes of the classic titles on modern consoles. Cotton Reboot was well received in western civilisation, so too hear that more from the series are being released can only mean good thing. Below we will take a look at Cotton 100% on Nintendo Switch.

Developer: Ratalaika Games
Publisher: ININ Games
Release Date: 29 October 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Cotton 100% was originally released back in the mid 90’s in Japan on the Super Famicom. So, it is interesting to see how 27 years on the game looks. Well not much different to the original as there has been no translation done to it. While there are a few minor tweaks in the remake it is 90% the same as the original. You are given the option to either play the untouched Famicom Version or the slightly modernised version which has a rewind gameplay feature which adds a new element to the classic gameplay.


This re-release gives gamers a great opportunity to play this game without having to import, but as far as this goes with the other Cotton games released in 2021, this is not the greatest. The game looks nice and crisp with the cute graphics that all games in the franchise has. To help navigate the levels you have allsorts of weapons like bombs, magic abilities and quick-fire rounds. You have bosses which you must fight along the way. It is the boss fights that make all the Cotton games stand out, and this is no exception.

The colours and visuals are nice, though some colours are a little off. There are times during the levels that the due to wishy-washy colours you can’t always see the enemy’s fire. Though the action is a slower pace than normal shumps, which mean it is slightly easier to get with the flow. The sprites have not been updated, so it looks very much like it did back in the mid 90’s but the game still has some awesome boss animation.

Final Thoughts

As remakes go Cotton 100% is not a great one. If you are a massive fan of the series then this is worth picking up. Otherwise, you will be better playing one of the most recent remakes that have been released. It is not a bad game, but nothing has been done to really improve it for 2021 other than a rewind feature. The visuals still hold up and look cute even today, but the menus could have been translated into English for west instead of a straight port.

The Verdict


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