Clea Switch Review

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If you like horror-genre games then this offering from Sekai Games is for you. Clea is a horror adventure game where you play the protagonist, Clea. She begins at a birthday party with her brother, Ed. One of the maids who are helping to prepare for the birthday party see a lot of servants acting oddly, so she tells the kids to stay while she investigates. Cue the adventure begins as you take control of Clea with her little brother as they both go to explore the mansion.

While it might sound easy wandering around a mansion, this game is far from it. With all the servants now acting crazy and other things that go bump in the night, and having no weapons to protect you, this makes it more difficult. And to add more issues, some doors are locked so you can’t get into them so you need to remember where you can and can’t go around the levels. But all is not lost, you can open the locked doors but you need to find all the parts and assemble the associated key to the doors locked.

All the enemies have great hearing and when you are moving around you need to be incredibly quiet and not make much noise. Also find the clues that are spread around the mansion so that you can understand what is going on at the location. The graphics are 2D, which looks great and adds an interesting feel to the game. This game plays very much like Contrast, which was a PS4 game where you had to hide in the shaows.

The art style is immersive, with amazing animation but it does suffer from not having much details in the background. Though this is offset with some atmospheric lighting which makes the artwork stand out. There is no soundtrack hardly, so the sound effects are what make this good. You must listen for the enemies and hide and move when it safe to do so. But the flip side is that they can hear you too. There is replay value and for you perfectionists you can 100% the game.

Final Thoughts

Clea is a very good game. If you ever played a game like Contrast or Everybody Gone to the Rapture then this is for you. It is atmospheric, looks good and much fun to play. Get this game and you will not be disappointed.

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