Castle Kong Nintendo Switch Review

Any serious gamer will remember a game from the early 80’s called Donkey Kong? It introduced us to a character called Jumpman, who later changed his name to Mario. This was such a fun platform game and was extremely popular. Now 40 years on Drowning Monkey Games used this for inspiration and released an interesting title call Castle Kong. And gamers who play this game through to May 25th can have a chance to win up to $1,250 (£900). To find out more about this, visit the Drowning Monkeys Tournament website.

Developer: Drowning Monkey Games
Publisher: Drowning Monkey Games
Release Date: 25 February 2021

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

When I fired up the game my initial thoughts was, I felt like I was back in 1981. The level layout brought back great memories of Donkey Kong. The prize they offer you of $1,250 (£900) for posting the highest score then a lower amount for the 9 places behind, well again this will take some doing as it is much harder than Donkey Kong. Now we can have a look at the game.

Playing Castle Kong is fun, even if difficult. You start the game with three lives and this is all you get. Unlike modern games, you don’t have save points so if you die as you progress up the stages then you go back to the start. There is a total of 22 levels that are spread over four stages, which is of the familiar formula of the princess being kidnapped by an enemy called Baron Man and Pauper Boy must save here from him.

The stuff that gets chucked down at you is some weird stuff. There are pies, arrows, fire and chickens, which is very disturbing. The levels are made up of platforms and ladders, just like Mario had to navigate and in place of an hammer, our hero uses a pitchfork to try and defend himself and stab some chickens. There are also items to pick up which gives you bonus points, which while is not needed to complete the stages, it helps with getting the highest score to win the prize.

The controls are simple and make the fun easy to pick up. You just move and jump and use a weapon if you can in order to protect yourself. Playing 22 levels does get repetitive after a while, especially given that there are only four different stages so the background don’t change much, but they look pretty so that does really help. Another cool feature I liked was that the switch could be held vertically, so give a more arcade feel to the game rather than the normal position.

Final Thoughts

Castle Kong is clearly a clone of Donkey Kong. The gameplay is fun, but the difficulty is a bit frustrating. This does not make the game disappointing, just if you aren’t used to old school gameplay, then it can make you rage quit. I enjoyed the game very much and I am embarrassed to say that I did not do that great and died quite a lot and probably won’t make the high score competition. Great game, especially the money on offer.

The Verdict


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