Pathfinder: Kingmaker PC Review

An Old-Style RPG Making It's Way In A Modern World

I have always been a fan of Role Playing Games. While the modern RPG’s are fun and enjoyable I have always been a fan of the older ones like Baldur’s Gate. So when I heard of a Kickstarter project a while ago for a game called Pathfinder: Kingmaker Maker using the Infinity Engine naturally I was very curious. I sunk so many hours into these RPG’s that to get the chance to experience it again was too good to pass up.

Developer: Owlcat Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 19 June 2018

CPU: Intel i3 / AMD Equivalent
VGA: Geforce GTX 960 / AMD Equivalent
HDD:  30 GB

Thanks to the publishers for the review code.

You start the game alongside mercenaries and misfits that have been given a challenge. You must conqueror and become the Baron of the disputed region Stolen Lands. After you accept the quest the story then becomes much deeper as you progress through the game with different fractions being at war and the politics getting in the way as it always does. When you reach a certain point you begin to get to manage a lot more of the game including building your own barony.

The players of Baldur’s Gate will find the controls and mechanics very familiar and will pick up the game very quickly. You get to search the dungeons, encounter monsters to kill and towns to explore. The game has varying difficulty levels so you can master the game at your own pace. Put it on the lowest difficulty and it turns into what I would say is like a real-time strategy title. I found that if I nudged the setting up one higher you will need to be more careful with your use of spells and abilities.

And of course no RPG will be complete without companions and Pathfinder is no different. Each one has their own personality which will bring different attributes for you to consider. Your companions will not always agree with your choices and you might find that if they disagree they will confront you or just leave your party. At certain points in the game you will notice that the story telling takes place on pages of a book.

When these little interludes takes place they also allow you to check on your party’s various attributes. For a kickstarter funded game the story is very solidly written and it will immerse you deeply. When it comes to the hands on running of your barony, you are given free rein to do what you want. You can assign your companions jobs and these will depend on the alignment they have. You need to setup trade deals with neighbouring towns to get supplies.

The graphics are your usual style from the infinity engine and they do look colourful. It offers plenty of options for a Role Playing Game but sadly don’t quite compete with recent releases like Divinity: Original Sin. But that being said the charm of the old style RPG’s in the modern gaming scene is quite refreshing and makes it fun for people to get started in this genre.

Final Thoughts

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is based on the 2009 table top game. It offers some interesting ideas and will be a great introduction gamers wanting something different. The difficulty learning curve is just right and with a customizable slider you can get your preferred experience. A good game that is worthy of attention.

The Verdict


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