Dirt 5 Playgrounds Preview Video Release Steam Version

If you are a racing game fan then no doubt you will be familiar with Codemasters Dirt franchise. They are due to release their latest title in the series this October, just in time for the holiday season, You got everything from a awesome career mode to a course creator mode called playgrounds. Here you will get the chance to build you own mini courses which you can create as challenging as you want and then you got the option to publish to challenge other gamers to see if their skills are up to the task.

You have 3 different modes and these are:

Gymkhana – where the target is to achieve as many tricks and combos that you can during an set time limit.
Smash Attack – Race against the clock to smash into as many inflatable objects as you can to earn points.
Gate Crasher> – Complete all the checkpoints before smashing through the finish line.

This is set on 3 locations either at an enclosed location in the Cape Town Stadium or out in Arizona. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a preview build of this new feature. Below are a few videos I recorded to show you what it is like. Though excuse my designs skills, they aren’t great.

Here is some basic course creating at the Cape Town Stadium:

More basic course editing this time in Arizona:

Here is a preview look at the new mode in the Upcoming Dirt 5. From my hands-on time with it I found it very fun and enjoyable and can’t wait for the final release to see everything in one package. Hope you enjoyed and some screenshots below for you to enjoy.

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