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Simulation games are popular and the gaming market is full of great titles. They allow us to take control of things that we might not be able to get the chance to do in real life. The one I am going to look at below is something that is a little geeky and it involves playing with trains. The game was originally released back in 2015 on PC and it was a great success. Now we have the fun game available on consoles as well so more people can get to experience the fun.

Developer: Flazm
Publisher: BlitWorks Games
Release Date: 27 July 2022

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.4 Ghz / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 960, AMD Radeon HD 7970
HDD: 39 GB

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I’ll Be Working On The Railroads

Train Valley is a simulation game that sees you running a railway network. The game initially is easy to pick up and play, but not so easy to master. When you first load up the game you are given the option of classic or sandbox mode. Career mode is the most fun, but sandbox is good if you want to play the game without any of the trickiness involved and the ability to just play with trains.

Train Valley_20220606131354

When you start career mode you begin with a nice, calm tutorial level that teaches you all the basics of the game. You learn how to build rails and how to drive your trains and everything else you need to play the game. The second level is also a nice, simple pace and you will start to feel that this game is easy to complete and then you get to level three and beyond and then you are given a complete shock in difficulty.

All Aboard

By now you got multiple train stations each of different colours and you must connect them together. Sounds easy enough until you must start diverting the trains on the correct colour tracks to get to the stations without train crashing into each other, which requires some quick planning to avoid such situations. Each level brings add additional tasks to complete besides the usually try not to end up bankrupt and make sure you keep to a budget.

Coming back to the avoiding train wrecks, while this sounds easy, I can assure it is not. As besides mistakes caused by players the trains drivers get impatient and if they are left sitting too long, they decide to make the runs without authorisation and it causes a mess. They run on the wrong tracks and then this causes crashes with other trains and this has a massive knock-on effect of your skills to manage the rail system.


Besides the main game there is also DLC called Germany. This adds some fun and new challenges in case you find the base game too easy! I did see a plane fly over and bomb a track which caused a big problem running the trains. The DLC is worth it as it adds more playability to an already fun game. Graphics are nice and the environments like forests, villages and mountains look great. Each level has its own visual look to it and themed trains which is a great touch to give a different feel each stage.

Final Thoughts

If you are a big fan of simulation games then Train Valley is the game for you. It is level-based and each level brings new challenges and difficulty. Add to this the Germany DLC and you have a great game that will provide fun and lots of replayability.

[review_summary positives=”Fun Gameplay
Game is Easy to Pick Up
DLC Adds More Challenge” negatives=”Difficulty Is Not a smooth Curve”][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”9″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”8.5″][/review_summary]

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