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3D platform games have always been fun to play and back in the 90’s with the Nintendo 64 there was plenty. In modern gaming they are kind of rarer as no-one seems interested in them as much as they did. Now we are in 2022 and there have been a few released and this one I am reviewing is one of them. Tinykin. So below let us take a look at this interesting title and see if it is worthy of game time in the modern gaming world.

Developer: Splashteam
Publisher: TinyBuild
Release Date: 30 August 2022

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.4 Ghz / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 960, AMD Radeon HD 7970

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Big Personality

Tinykin is a game that the main character is a hero spaceman called Milo. On his arrival on planet Earth, he discovers that he is not very big and is the size of an ant. Luckily for our hero he happens upon a house where a lot of bugs are living along with a famed inventor. In order to complete his mission, he feels that he to find a way to increase his size, so the inhabitants show him a blueprint and if he picks up six items then he can build a device to make himself grow.


The Tinykin have decided to help Milo out and they follow him everywhere. They all bring their own powers to the table that is useful for our hero to complete his objectives. A pink one will carry items for him along with a red coloured one that can be thrown to smash stuff to access other parts of the level. If you need to access parts at a higher tier, then the green kin are the best as these can turn themselves into ladders to allow easy access.

You Mission If You Choose To Accept It

Each room have a main objective that muse be completed and having the kin to help you is most useful. Beyond this there is also like other available things that can be found, so exploring each corner of every room proves to be very fruitful. For doing good deeds for your fellow bugs, you get rewarded with objects which turn out to be a great find for a little ant that just happens to run a museum. Collect some nectar and you will be able to build up Milo’s bubble jump, so he can float after jumping which if done often is as good as being able to fly.

Found In The Home

The levels are based on rooms that are found in houses like a living room and kitchen. The layout is very simple and easy to navigate just like your room at your own home. You also have no enemies to deal with, so you have all the time to explore and complete your quests without pressure of being killed. Yes, you can still die, but this is more by falling off somewhere rather than by a rouge bug. This makes a great introduction to 3D platform games for the modern gamer not familiar with them.

While Tinykin is a fun game, and it gives a very enjoyable gaming experience there are a few minor issues. The later level kin that you meet with are not very exciting compared to the early ones and also the game might be a bit short, but then for a game of this style it could appear to be perfect to gamers. The visuals are stunning and look great and detailed showing layout of a mundane thing like a house. The kin are cute and actually helpful which is a good thing and add a fun element to this title, this is a 3D Platformer that should not be ignored and definitely worthy of a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Tinykin brings 3D platformer to the modern gaming era giving a feel of back in the day when Nintendo was producing this style of games. This has nice modern visuals and also the level layouts are great. Having no enemies to stop you is a good touch and allows you to play and have fun without getting to frustrated while trying to complete objectives. There are a few minor issues, but nothing game breaking and this was fun to play.

[review_summary positives=”Fun Game
Great Room Designs
Cute Characters
Great Graphics” negatives=”Game is a Bit Short
Later Kins Are Not As Fun
“][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”9″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”9.5″][/review_summary]

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