TGS: New RPG Called Zodiac by Kobojo Announced

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Here we have what looks like an interesting RPG game from French developers, Kobojo. Zodiac is a 2-D Persistent online role playing game that has been created in conjunction with the makers of one of my favourite JRPG’s of all time, Final Fantasy.

The game is being showcased at the Tokyo Game Show and is being shown on PS Vita and IOS. The team that has been assembled come from all over the world. The team includes the likes of composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, famous for their work on the Final Fantasy games.

Zodiac will combine the classic JRPG elements with beautifully drawn 2D artwork. Development is taking place at the new studio of Kobojo up in Dundee, Scotland. Below are some screenshots and a poster to give a teaser of this interesting looking title. Set for released in 2015. Check back often for more information on this upcoming title.

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