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Occasionally there comes along a game that it unique and different from everything else. That exactly is what Ten – Ten Seconds, Ten Rooms offers and I can tell you it is very different from the norm. It is an Indie title and the concept is a simple one…you have ten room and you must survive for ten seconds. Sounds easy, but it is far from it and then the last room is 30 seconds. As the game is unique, I decided to do something new and do a video walk through.

Developer: The Bworg
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release Date: 3 June 2022

CPU: Intel Core2Duo / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Any
HDD: 400Mb

Review code was provided.

Ten – Ten Seconds, Ten Rooms is a platformer that has simple graphics. In each of the ten rooms there are various traps that are trying to kill you and you must avoid them and basically just stay alive for ten seconds to exit the current room. You have coins that you can collect along the way to use later in the game. In safe rooms there are 2 power stations, one will replenish your hearts and the other is used to toggle invincibility. Using this mode, you survive the whole 10 rooms without dying, even if you don’t avoid the traps.

Ten Playthrough Invincibility

The video below shows the game being played without invincibility being selected so that you can see how trickier it is when you worry about dying.

Ten Playthrough No Invincibility

Final Thoughts

Ten – Ten Seconds, Ten Rooms is an interesting indie platformer game. Priced at a good place for a quick hour when you have not much time, it represents value. It is a fun title from an new indie developer. Give it a try.

[review_summary positives=”Fun, Simple Platform Game
Addictive” negatives=”Can Be Frustrating”][/review_summary]

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