Tales of Xillia 2 Fans Gets Fun DLC

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It has been a week since NAMCO Bandai Games Europe released their J-RPG Tales of Xilla 2. The game has been having raving reviews and comments throughout the world of the internet and quite rightly so.

Now fans are getting another fine treat. With the new school seasons about to begin, the latest DLC will include school uniforms for its popular characters:

  • Ludger’s School Costume (Uniform, Hairstyle, Hat)
  • Gaius’ School Costume (Uniform, Hairstyle; Armband, Muffler)
  • Muzét’s School Costume (Uniform, Hairstyle, Armband, Rose Pattern, Ribbon)

And there is more good news thanks to the compatibility of DLC between this and the first Tales of Xillia game. The characters of the original game will get these new school outfits:

  • Jude’s School Costume
  • Milla’s School Costume
  • Alvin’s School Costume
  • Elize’s School Costume
  • Rowen’s School Costume
  • Leia’s School Costume

And if this wasn’t enough, Xillia 2 fans also get content that will allow them to level their characters up at a much quicker pace:

  • Level +5 – All team members gain 5 levels
  • Level +10 – All team members gain 10 levels

Enjoy your time with Ludger, Jude and the rest of the cast and enjoy the screenshots below. Tales Of Xillia 2 is now available on PS3 in nearly all territories.

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