Tales 2 Introduction of Alvin and Elize

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BANDAI Namco Games Europe have released an introduction to two protagonists from their upcoming Tales of Xillia 2. These are Alvin and Elize Lutus, both returning from the first Xillia and each having their own story.

Alvin (Alfred Vint Svent)

Alvin is very confident and brash young man who was once a spy. Trying to leave this old life behind him, he is now trying to be a honest salesman. This is turning out to be tougher than he first thought, but with his friend Yurgen, they have formed a business partnership…but as Alvin is finding out, an honest living is not easy. Now he must choose to either stay on this straight and narrow path, or will he return to his shady past life?


Elize who was once very shy, have warmed up considerable since the events of the first game. And her experiences have also taught her to trust others a bit more. Yet she is still looking for her place in society and her main aim is to get companionship and respect from her peers. Thanks to a pen pal Luna, she has found this, but is there more than meets the eye to her newfound friend?

Tales of Xillia 2 is available 22 August exclusively on PS3.

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