Strictly Limited Games To Release Speed Limit Physical Copy

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Trailer for Speed Limit

Speed Limit is a super-fast-paced genre-morphing arcade-style action game with beautifully animated pixel art. When a disheveled stranger hands you a gun during your daily commute, everything goes horribly wrong, fast. Speed Limit is an old-school action extravaganza that will raise adrenaline levels, and test all reflexes to the max.

Speed Limit is a must-play for all retro gamers:

  • A thrilling genre-switching rollercoaster that will test your reflexes
  • The gameplay transitions seamlessly between six different retro genres
  • Unlockable endless mode
  • Race against the clock in time trial mode
  • All graphics are hand-drawn frame-by-frame
  • Fast and gritty synthwave soundtrack

Exclusive, physical editions

The Limited Edition is available for €29.99, limited to 3,300 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,700 copies for PlayStation 4 worldwide. Pre-orders to start 21 February 2021.

The Limited Edition is also available as a bundle with the OST for €44.99, limited to 700 copies for Nintendo Switch and 350 copies for PlayStation 4. The OST bundle will also include a sticker and a poster. 

An aluminium art card is also available for €9.99 – limited to 149 copies.

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