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In the neon-lit underbelly of a dystopian future, where rogue AIs and cybernetic criminals run rampant, Cybertrash STATYX emerges as a pixelated beacon of rebellion. Developed by Uncle Frost Team, this 2D action platformer combines classic gameplay mechanics with tactical elements, all set against a gritty cyberpunk backdrop.

Publisher: Sometimes You
Developer: Uncle Frost Team
Release Date:  13 March 2024

Thanks to Publisher for the review code.

Gameplay and Mechanics

At its core, Cybertrash STATYX is a love letter to retro gaming. You play as Jenet, a renegade hacker armed with a trusty blaster and lightning-fast reflexes. The controls are tight, reminiscent of the golden age of side-scrolling adventures. Run, jump, slide—these familiar actions form the backbone of your journey through the neon-infested streets.

But there’s a twist: Jenet isn’t just a gun-toting rebel. She’s also a master of manipulation. The game introduces a unique tactical layer where you can hack into enemy systems, divert security drones, and even reprogram turrets to fight on your side. It’s a refreshing addition that keeps the gameplay engaging.

Visuals and Soundtrack

The pixel art aesthetic transports you straight to the ’80s arcade era. The cityscape pulses with life—flickering holograms, graffiti-covered walls, and flickering neon signs. Each level feels meticulously crafted, offering both challenge and eye candy. And let’s talk about the soundtrack: a synthwave symphony that throbs in sync with your adrenaline. It’s like Daft Punk meets Blade Runner, and it’s utterly addictive.

Enemies and Upgrades

The cybertrash infesting the streets isn’t your average cannon fodder. From rogue androids to corrupted AI constructs, each enemy type requires a different approach. Some can be hacked, while others demand a direct confrontation. Collect experience points by defeating foes, and use them to upgrade Jenet’s abilities. Want a faster slide or a more powerful blaster? The choice is yours.

Story and Worldbuilding

Cybertrash STATYX doesn’t shy away from storytelling. Beneath the neon glare lies a conspiracy waiting to unravel. As Jenet digs deeper, she uncovers corporate secrets, hidden factions, and a mysterious AI overlord pulling the strings. The dialogue sequences are sharp, dripping with cyberpunk jargon and dark humor. It’s a world where every pixel has a story to tell.

Final Thoughts

While the game isn’t without flaws (occasional hitbox wonkiness and a few frustrating checkpoints), Cybertrash STATYX delivers an authentic retro experience. It’s a love letter to the era of arcades, VHS tapes, and glitchy CRT monitors. If you crave nostalgia wrapped in a futuristic package, dive headfirst into the neon-soaked chaos. Just remember: in this city, trust no one—especially not the vending machines.

Cybertrash STATYX is a hidden gem, waiting for its moment in the spotlight. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a cyberpunk enthusiast, give it a shot. The neon future awaits, and Jenet needs your hacking skills to survive.

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