Retro Asylum Chiptunes Cover Project Vol 1

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Retro Asylum Covers

This week we ave fortunate to have some quality Chiptunes released. This latest release from the awesome Aaron White is a disk that features some great versions of brilliant songs that most of us know and love. As always, the quality is great and the tunes are done¬†with Aaron’s usual flair.

With songs like A Little Respect from Erasure and Genesis’s Jesus He Knows Me there is sure to be something here for everyone. If you have downloaded one of Aaron’s Chiptune disks before then you don’t need me to say anymore as you already know it is awesome.

Anyway enough of me going on. If you just happen to own an Amiga or you use WinUAE then go to this link and grab the ADF and enjoy some great music from a great guy.

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