Raystorm x Raycrisis HD Collection Nintendo Switch Review

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Taito are a developer that are well known in the gaming world. They have released many great games over the past 40+ years and started off with the epic Space Invaders. Another great game that was released by them was Rayforce or as it was known in other areas as Galatic Attack. It was your traditional top-down shooter that boasted some lovely visuals to make the stages appealing to play. There was also sequels Raystorm and RayCrisis. Now thanks to ININ Games we have the collection of Raystorm x Raycrisis HD Collection.

Publisher: ININ Games
Developer: Taito
Release Date: 30 June 2023

Thanks to PR Hound for the review code.

Raystorm x Raycrisis HD Collection mainly focuses on the titles of Raystorm and Raycrisis but it has the original Rayforce included to play as well. If you are a big fan of Shumps then this collection has you covered. The games offer plenty for you with each title giving a variety of ships and the weapons they can fire which include cannons and lock-on lasers to take out the various enemies. Of the three games in the series, Raycrisis is the one that looks visually the best and has the better bosses out of all the series.

The other two included are also worth the play time as you can compete against other gamers with an online scoreboard. You also have a replay system and the ability to unlock achievements throughout the game. The controls are nice and have not been changed much from the original, except they feel more modern. Besides having the gameplay tweaks the collection have also benefited from a visual makeover.

Raycrisis have taken an approach where you can either play it in HD glory or add options to make it look more like it day when it was released back in the day. The soundtracks for each title are from the original games and sound amazing with Raystorm being the best of the three. The sound effects are also great with modern hardware and really bring that immersive experience with the sound of explosions and bullets flying everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Raystorm x Raycrisis HD Collection is a great collection for Shump fans. The three games offer a lot and while there are a few minor things missing, the extra options and stunning HD visuals make this a great collection to add, especially if you love Shoot’em ups or looking to get into the genre.

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