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For anyone who own a Evercade then it is very likely you would have heard of the following two games on the Parasite Pack. Flea! Was on a collection cartridge called Indie Heroes Collection 1 and Tapeworm Disco was available as the promotion that would entitle Evercade owners to play a game for one whole month free. However, while recognition might have come from the Evercade consoles, they have been in the homebrew scene on various consoles for the last couple of years.

Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Lowtek Games Studio
Release Date: 1 July 2022

Thanks to PR Hound for the review code.


First up is this awesome platformer in which you play a character called Henry, who is a parasite who can’t stay still. You must keep him moving as when he touches the ground he jumps, which can means navigating the levels trickier. You have a lot of traps, obstacles and bad guys who are very deadly and positioned to try and stop you dead in your tracks. And of course, like with most of these platform games you have an end of level boss which are very challenging to defeat to progress.

The game is addictive maddening at times which brings a tough, but fair gameplay to the table. The graphics are beautiful, colourful and done in 8-bit style. Also, the game has a lot of humour which will help to break up the frustrating gameplay at times, so it keeps it enjoyable throughout. There are 80 levels and a bunch of surprises along the journey you will find that Flea! will give you plenty of hours of fun gameplay.

Tapeworm Disco

While the price of this pack is excellent value for Flea! alone you get a second game that add to the value. Tapeworm Disco is a platform puzzler that sees you taking control of a DJ worm living in a tape. You aim is to keep the little fleas safe within your environment in gameplay that looks similar too the old Nokia classic, Snake. The length that your worm grows to in significant as you need to fit the stage to rescue your fleas and you need to plan your route and use holes to pop up elsewhere.

Parasite Pack

You get save states and a password saving system which means that you can progress and save and dying is made a little easier. This was often the main pain with olde retro games as once you died, you went back to the start of the game. Being able to walk away when the games get tricky, saving at the point you are at and coming back later means you don’t get fully frustrated. Both games have great sounds and as mentioned above beautiful graphics in the retro style.

Final Thoughts

Parasite Pack features two fun, retro inspired games. The price point makes it very attractive and makes it a worthy purchase for all retro game fans, whether you are a veteran or new to the style. The most fun I have had in a long time.

[review_summary positives=”Fun, Retro Gaming Feel
Priced Very Reasonably” negative_heading=””][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”9″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”9″] [/review_summary]

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