Outward: Definitive Edition PS5 Review

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If you are a fan of open world Role Playing Games then you are probably aware of Outward. Released on the PC it was a fun and popular game, so now it is out on the newer generation of consoles. The Definitive Edition contains the base game as well as the DLC content all in one package. So let us look below to see if the new gen has done the original justice.

Developer: Nine Dots
Publisher: Prime Matter
Release Date: 17th May 2022

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Adventuring We Go

Outward: Definitive Edition has undergone some changes to the original to make it look and feel like a next-gen game. Yes, it has a souls feel to it so this might put some people off but the combat is no where near as difficult though. Planning your navigation through the land is daylight is your friend even if a limited resource. When night falls is when the fun happens and this is where you need to use a torch if you want to see your hand in front of your face. But the only issue with that is that they cost money and it is not raining cash at the start.

Survival of the Fittest

To survive you need supplies and this is where your trusty backpack comes to your rescue. But it does not hold unlimited resources, so you must only carry essentials that will be needed for trips. Also, to not get lost, you must learn some geography in the game as there is no help by the way of markers. You need to think and strategize as when making a trip you need to have enough food, get enough sleep and water to drink. But also, environmental factors play a part as your meat start to rot and go bad if it is warm temps, which make it no use to keep strength up.

Choose Your Weapon

Weapons are also key in this game, but when you start out you have very basic ones that are not very effective against stronger enemies. You don’t have enough money to get good weapons so you need to pick your fights wisely. You can get potions and traps, but these, like everything else in game comes at a cost. You don’t die when you lose all your health, but rather you pass out and then wake up dazed and confused somewhere else around the game world.

Decisions, Decisions

Outward is an original game and if you enter into playing with a open mind rather than expecting the same as other RPG’s then you will enjoy very much. The visuals are nice and clearly have been cleaned up to take advantage of the new gen consoles. The included DLC is very good and extends the playability which is always good and ensures that a game offers replayability.

Final Thoughts

Outward: Definitive Edition is a improvement on the original PC game. The gameplay is original and the strategy needed is interesting and fun to work out. The combat is a bit boring at times, but this can be good as there is enough difficulty in planning the trips to advance through the map. A worthwhile purchase for fans of RPG’s.

[review_summary positives=”Original Gameplay
Improved From The Original
Plenty of Challenge” negatives=”Fighting Can Be Tricky Due To Lack Of Weapons At Start
Needs Good Planning”][rating title=”Gamplay” value=”8.0″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”8.5″][/review_summary]

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