One Piece Gets New Batch of DLC

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Costume Nami Swimsuit screenshot26_1405336524

BANDAI Namco Games Europe today is please to announce that the next batch of DLC for One Piece Unlimited World Red. They have already given gamers free content by the way of Red Stands Alone and now DLC to extend the adventure even further.

The Golden Bell Tower is the first up, which is a new adventure for Luffy and his crew as they hunt down a massive treasure. Then we get the Nami Swimsuit Pack, which will allow Nami to wear a new bikini and a mission called Hody’s Revenge for the straw hat crew to undertake and defeat a brutal fisherman.

Please check out the gallery below of some screenshots from this latest batch of DLC. If you are not sure what the game is about then please checkout my review I did of this great game. Available for Wii U, 3DS and PS3.

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