Now Tommy is Not The Only Pinball Wizard

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If I was to mention Pinball Wizard you will be thinking Tommy. Well with a new RPG-styled pinball game from ATLUS and Phantom Compass you can actually say you are a wizard at pinball. Rollers of the Realm replace static pinball tables with dynamic locations featuring objectives, secrets, and multiple areas. You get the standard bumpers along with AI-controlled enemies that attack and cause lots of damage to the pinball flippers. And instead of the shiny silver balls, you get playable characters.

The story unfolds over the course of six massive chapters and gamers will have to master each character ball. You get compelling backstories and the personal agendas of the characters that are revealed as you progress through the story. The characters seem to come to life with great voice-acted cinematics and dialog scenes. New characters with new abilities can be unlocked and can browse the realm’s item shop. Upgrades bestow enchantments and special abilities that will be needed to topple some of the game’s tougher bosses.

 Rollers of the Realm will be available in the holiday season of 2014 as a digital download title for the PC, PS4 and PS Vita. A beta version of the build will be available for hands-on impressions at the ATLUS E3 booth, #4810 in the West Hall.

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