New Disk of C64 Music converted to Amiga Chiptune by Aaron White

Aaron Craig Rock maze

Hello fellow Chiptune fans. If you are reading this post that only means one thing…he is back guys. Aaron White has been busy working on another conversion disk for our pleasure. This time he decided to stick with C64 music and convert three of the tracks from recently released titles Hessian and Rock Maze. The other two covers are from Knight n Grail and Jack the Nipper II. Also on this disk there is a original Chiptune creation from the master himself called C64 Intro.

As usual the quality of the converted tracks are top notch and the original intro that Aaron created is amazing and shows how much of himself he puts into each track. Another brilliant disk from a great guy. As usual if you have a real A1200 or use an emulator like WinUAE you can download the disk from here.

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