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Old-school Role-Playing Games are always popular even in the modern-day gaming world. Most of the RPG’s today are inspired from the classic titles like the Final Fantasy franchise and The Legend of Zelda. Then throw in to the mix the Visual novels and you have two style of games that gamers enjoy playing. Now mix the two together and we have Meg’s Monster, which is a classic RPG inspired games which focuses on the story rather than just random battles. So let’s take a look below at the game and see if it is worthy to be added to a gamer’s library.

Publisher: Odencat Inc
Developer: Odencat Inc
Release Date: 2 March 2023
Price: £12.79 Steam Store

CPU: Intel Core i5 / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 / AMD Equivalent
HDD: 200 Mb

The game is Steam Deck Verified and runs great.

Review code was provided for coverage.

Meg’s Monster sees you play as Meg, who while out manages to find herself in an unknown world. Unsure of how she got there, her mission is to find her mother and within moments of arriving in this new world she meets two friendly monsters named Galon and Roy. They join your party to make the main characters and then the journey begins which will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as the game throws everything from growth to death.

Being the game is very story focused I will not reveal any spoilers as if I did then it will ruin the experience of playing it. The story is very emotional and will catch you right in the feels as it is so well written you will end up with a connection to the characters. I will be honest and admit that at times I did end up close to a few tears at certain moments, which only about a handful of games have ever managed to do over the years I have been gaming.

As if the story is not enough to mess with your emotions the soundtrack will just add to the game’s overall atmosphere. It was written by Reo Uratani, famous for Monster Hunter and it is the type of music that you will want to listen too again after completing the game. While the story is nearly perfectly told there are a few moments that seems odd, but nothing that will distract from the experience and by the end you will still get the feels.

The combat mechanics are interesting and while it is aim at being an RPG it doesn’t offer this in the traditional sense. The monster Roy protects Meg throughout the game and while Meg is never in danger you must manage the emotional state of her and ensure that she never cries, which involves keeping the emotions bar topped up so it is not game over. There is not a lot of fights though and when they do pop up it is usually from the storyline rather than randomly fighting along the game path.

While the actual story telling is not complex it does provide enough depth that you will feel that the time you put into it was well worth it. The visuals are nicely done and helps to make the game standout, along with the audio. The game also runs great on Valve’s Handheld PC the Steam Deck. I tried it out and I was happy to play on the go a few hours when I had appointments to attend. So this opens up gamers to playing it, even if they don’t own a gaming PC.

Final Thoughts

Meg’s Monster is a interesting take on the popular RPG genre and combining it with the Visual Novel to tell a story that hits right in the feels. Not too many games have tugged at my heart strings over the years, but this is right up there with the best. This game is worth a look at and with it being Steam Deck playable it offers great gameplay whether at home or on the go.

[review_summary positives=”Emotional Story
Unique Blending of Two Styles of Game Genres
Nice Visuals
Emotional Soundtrack” negatives=”Some Story Issues
Combat is Underwhelming”][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”9.0″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”9.0″][/review_summary]

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